Jessica Glycenfer (Tofu/Seitan Production) Erin O’Kray Murphy (Tofu/Seitan Production)
Jess Jessica Glycenfer is a co-owner who operated Mama’s Tofu from 2014 to 2017. She currently works on the ambulance with UCHealth, but still serves as production support and idea-bouncer-off-er. 21766296_1385354914896699_1071171323661926008_n Erin O’Kray-Murphy has been working at Mama’s for three years. She is currently a junior at Colorado State University studying communication, business, and women’s studies. When Erin is not in class or making tofu she spends most of her time drawing or painting.
Adrienne Ash (Tofu/Seitan Production) Ani Glaser (Deliveries/Inventory Management)
27335249_10157515447114815_701006701_o Adrienne started working at Mama’s Tofu in July 2017. Adrienne is a tofu and seitan production master by day, and a guitar-shredding rock ‘n’ roll goddess by night. When xe’s not cooking and packaging the most delicious tofu and seitan you’ve ever tasted, you can find hir on a stage with hir band Plasma Canvas. 27045315_10155956022055688_1904053780_n Ani is a goal-driven and constantly inspired single mother of 4 kids, 3 cats and a California Rabbit; who wears multiple career hats. She delivers tofu and keeps track of supplies and ingredients at Mama’s, and during her off hours is building her private practice as an Integrated Movement Therapy® certified yoga therapist, and a yoga teacher specializing in yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury and Body-Positive yoga. She also has a small, side business called Paws, Love and Happiness, where she derives endless peace and happiness from walking dogs and caring for people’s pets.
Maria Winnie (Tofu/Seitan, Accounting) Dave Bell (Customer Management, Sales)
192953_10100128277388073_6600195_o Maria loves to get involved in alternative business experiments, especially where new ways of taking care of each other are involved. She likes experimenting in the kitchen and balancing books. She has been working with Mama’s since 2014 and became a co-owner in early 2015. Harass her for recipes. 1507713_245254695598465_1617805056998527164_n Dave is one of the original founders of Mama’s Tofu and has mostly just been standing around telling crude jokes while everyone else is trying to work. Every now and again we can convince him to carry something upstairs and then we lock the door so that he can’t bother us anymore.