Year Two Recap

Well, somehow a WHOLE YEAR has gone by again, and we’re still here making tofu in a basement.

We got a vacuum sealer, which gave us the ability to support some more distribution channels. Even though some of our product is now packed in plastic, it’s still significantly less than the containers in the grocery store. It does give us the ability to offer retail-type packages, supply tofu to more CSAs, and extend our products’ shelf life.

We’ve also helped a couple of local businesses branch out and offer seitan to our communities in delicious recipes like the Hail Seitan tacos from the Silver Seed food truck. You can find them out and about by following them on Instagram or book them by emailing 

Finally, we’d like to welcome our newest worker to the group. Jesse is a trooper, an excellent worker, and we’re so happy to have her! Welcome, Jesse!

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